Leveraging solid, professional experience in Asia’s fast-paced corporate environment, ActionPlan offers comprehensive consulting services for career and life.

Searching for deeper meaning in life? ActionPlan helps you achieve your true potential through career path assessment, developing a Dream Strategy to achieve life goals, and providing insightful guidance on interpersonal, business and workplace relationships.

ActionPlan believes that striking the perfect balance between careers, dreams and relationships is the key to success in life. We’re passionate about making a difference and helping our clients find their personal keys to success!

Have you ever thought about why we’re on this Earth? God put us here for a reason, and gave us life for a purpose. Everyone has their own experiences, ideals, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. The most important thing is to find your meaning in life, realize your dreams and make the most of your existence!

Finding the true meaning of life requires the right methods, careful planning, experience and persistent effort. Positive thinking, a great career, and harmonious interpersonal relationships are the key factors to success.

I have the right tools to help you find your meaning in life and achieve your goals; it will help you plan your career, adopt a positive attitude, develop communication techniques and improve your interpersonal relationships.

I am here to help people succeed and achieve their goals in life. This is my dream. This is my purpose in life.

ActionPlan’s mission is to empower individuals to reach their self-actualized potential through effective planning and strategic actions. ActionPlan helps you live beyond peer, family and societal constraints to unlock true personal happiness and fulfillment.

Apart from health, which is essential to a happy and fulfilled life, everyone desires a successful career, the ability to achieve our dreams and smooth interpersonal relationships combined with a positive can-do attitude. ActionPlan can help you achieve all this and more! With all the pieces in place, success will soon come knocking on your door.

 “Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness” – Sigmund Freud

Everyone is capable of living a truly happy life. All you need is the right action plan.

ActionPlan’s philosophy is centered around the belief that finding a suitable Career, identifying your Dreams and developing well-rounded Interpersonal Relationships will lead you to discover your own meaning in life. Careers and Dreams are the “Work”, while Dreams and Interpersonal Relationships require “Love” to be fulfilled. The combination of “Love and Work” fuels the passion to chase our personal dreams and when you take action to pursue your life’s meaning, you create your own success!

The most important factor in obtaining success and happiness is maintaining positive energy and an optimistic attitude. Everyone’s personal version of success looks different, and can’t be measured by the same standards. ActionPlan believes that achieving your desired goals for each state of life creates your unique picture of success, which generates strong satisfaction to provide happiness and meaning in life – a positive energy cycle.


ActionPlan’s logo creates a visual embodiment of our service, whisking you away on a journey of discovery, action and forward planning.

Take charge and design your own fulfilling life inspired by the racing theme of our checkered flag, which symbolizes your personal drive and ambition to achieve success while climbing ascending peaks signifying our step-by-step approach to realizing your goals in life.

There’s no better time to start than the present, encouraged by the nurturing Earth tones that represent each client’s personal growth – from a seed to a sapling, a tree and eventually a mighty forest. Complimentary tones of Racing Brown bring our commitment full-circle by invoking the courage, persistence and vitality of the racing spirit… the spirit of action!

ActionPlan – Plan your success today!

Cecilia Yeung has years of experience in headhunting and training in Hong Kong’s dynamic, fast-paced corporate environment. She has worked with top level executives throughout Asia to plan and build their careers in some of the world’s leading corporations.

Identifying a pressing need for more well rounded life consulting services, Cecilia combined her professional background with a passion for helping others realize their dreams to create ActionPlan, a unique solution for those seeking balance and happiness in their lives, careers and relationships.

With an infectiously positive personality and outlook on life, Cecilia is living her dream by helping others to find meaning in life, creating custom-designed strategic plans to craft their personal success.


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