AP Strategies

AP Strategies

All of our workshops can be adapted to 1-on-1 individual consultations, small group seminars, or classroom learning experiences for different clients. In addition to our signature course topics, ActionPlan can also custom design tailor-made classes specifically for the needs of your personal growth and development. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs today!

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For the best result, technical assessment tools might be recommended!

What will it take to achieve your dreams? Good things come to those who wait, but ActionPlan believes better things come to those who do! We’ll help you plan your actions and making your dreams both realistic and achievable!

The meaning of life is not simply to exist, but to fill your life with purpose. What does your life have in store for you? ActionPlan will help you find your personal path to success. Discover what drives you and make it happen!

Take control of your life, and take control of your happiness.  ActionPlan can help you discover inner strength and confidence to build successful interpersonal relationships with family, colleagues and life partners. Start a new chapter in your life and career today.

A positive outlook is arguably one of the most powerful assets your organization can harness to drive constant improvement in all aspects of your operations. Research has shown that positive states of mind are highly correlated with enhanced performance and greater satisfaction in the workplace.

Contact ActionPlan for a realistic, achievable strategy to improve the mindset of all your managers and employees. Experience the power of positive thinking!

Looking for a new job? Thinking about entering a new field? Browsing countless online resources or scrutinizing your local newspapers may seem overwhelming and at times ineffective. ActionPlan can help you find and land your dream job to advance your career.

What qualities do HR recruiters look for in a successful job candidate? Building rapport with your interviewer is easier said than done. Contact ActionPlan and learn how to present your best possible self to land the job you’ve always wanted!

What makes a 5-star CV stand out from the crowd? On average, businesses spend only 60 seconds looking at your CV. Let ActionPlan teach you how to make those seconds count! Learn how to craft the perfect CV that will make employers sit up and take notice.

It’s not about what you say, but how you say it! Your presentation skills can greatly affect your success in social situations and in your career. ActionPlan can teach you the essential skills and techniques to have audiences hanging on your every word.

Changing jobs or pushing for that big promotion can be a daunting task, but 10 years from now you’ll thank yourself for thinking ahead. Strategic planning is the first step on the road success. Don’t act on impulse – plan your next career move with ActionPlan.

Looking to boost the performance and effectiveness of your sales team? Put ActionPlan’s expert knowledge and experience to work for your business.

Our customized training programs will give your staff a better understanding of customers’ decision making processes and consumer psychology, building rapport, and successful sales strategies.

In today’s competitive commercial world, every organization relies on managers’ leadership skills to build and grow their business. But how can you improve the effectiveness of your management team?

ActionPlan can help your managers assess and improve their day-to-day leadership skills to drive corporate innovation, enhance employee productivity, improve staff morale and achieve your long-term business goals. Let ActionPlan unleash the star potential of your management team.

Steering clear of office bickering? You’re missing out. Learning how to “play the game” is a critical skill in the corporate business world. ActionPlan will teach you the vital tips and techniques to manage challenging situations in the workplace and come out ahead.

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